National President Message

I welcome you to the new website of the Anti Corruption And Crime Control Committee.

The Anti Corruption And Crime Control Committee established on 02-05-2012 under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 , with a primal aim to wipe out corruption from our Society which is becoming detrimental to all round progress and gives us a bad name in the International Society. Our priority no 2 is to make an endeavour to control crime in the society with the aid , help and active participation from the people of all walks of life specially from the common people of the country who are the most sufferer and victim of such act of corruption and crime which has become wide rampant in our society.

With the active participation and cooperation of all specially the common people we have made a small step to eradicate and wipe out the menace of corruption and try to control crime in the society.

I hope and trust from the people specially common people to come forward and strengthen our hands in making our society a corruption and crime free society.

Anti Corruption & Crime Control Committee People think that Corruption simply means Bribery in general understanding, It is more than that. Corruption Means Injustice, misuse or disorder in morality, monetary, mental , Physical etc. Corruption Of any Kind are nuisances to the society. Corruption is the root cause of all the evils in the society. It hampers progress. It brings unhappiness. It Brings war. Corruption brings Crime in society. Across all India to hell identify, prevent, solve and reduce Corruption & Crime. We take urgent step and investigation all type of Corruption , Crime and other illegal work under Indian Govt. penal act.

So it’s a high time for all the thoughtful people to come for stopping this social menace called Corruption . So let’s go, fight against corruption and help us to make our country Corruption & Crime free. All the interested citizen’s has to do is call +91- 9430810733, +91-9973768933, +91-8004927387, +91-9504973103, +91-8271537966, +91-9835526077, +91-9334747252 . Join us to make our society Corruption free and safe. We will give a powerful support for working good social work for our greater country India. With hope of help and co-operation from all.


Rajlal Singh Patel
National President

Latest News

May 2, 2016 the Anti-Corruption and Crime Control Committee will issue a new website

Anti-Corruption and Crime Control Committee on 10 June 2016. The app launched All you request to install this link (download), and women and girls get help on the spot.

Governing Body

Kunj Bihari Tiwari
National Vice President

Rajan Loona
National President
RTI Cell
Adv Prabhakar Singh
Legal Cell
Ms. Krishna
National President
Women Cell
Dr Philendran Cherukunnil Gopalan
National President
Media Cell
Soniya Malhaar
National General Secretary

Geeta Bhaskar Shetty
National President
Social Protection Cell
Akash Sharma
National President
Cyber Crime Control Cell
Sunit Kr. Beck
President West Bengal State

Mr. Chandra Dev Sharma
President Uttar Pradesh

Anil Shantaram Nagre
Incharge Maharashtra State

Vinod Kumar
National Incharge

Mayur Kumar Dhirubhai Savaliya
President Gujarat

Manohar Singh
President Bihar State

Dr. Manoj Kumar Batri
President Madhya Pradesh

Vankayala Sridhar Kumar
President Andhra Pradesh

President Kerla State

Biswaranjan Acharya
President Odessa State

Manish Awasthi
President Media Cell Uttar Pradesh State

Hemant Kumar Tallor
Vice President Media Cell Rajasthan State

Shashi Singh
President Jharkhand State

Archna Singh
National Vice President Women Cell

Jaideep Bagul
President Maharashtra State

Raj Kumar Singh
National President Information Technology Cell

Dr. Sharath Kumar Shetty
President Karnataka State